News from Nowhere?

Estonia is by no means Nowhere. It’s a small country whose dearest wish since regaining its independence from the Soviet Union has been to be… well, an ordinary country, like the rest of us. For me, growing up with a sense of it as mythical, a story that my father (very rarely) told, this was a bit of surprise. But I’ve been there before; I have some friends there, and some family. This is getting (in the good sense) to be ordinary.

No, the Nowhere for me is the blogosphere. It looks like a place with zero gravity, no ground to stand on, where anybody can be whoever they say they are and talk about themselves to their hearts’ content, to a million strangers. Its ways and language might be stranger to me than Estonian. But from tomorrow, when I get there… let’s see.

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  1. Ola says:

    I think Estonia is fantastic!
    Flat, covered in forests, torn by lakes, surrounded by austere Baltic sea. Small, but beautiful. Only you have to get used to the small inconvenieces 🙂
    People – mostly very intelligent, with good manners, well-educated and serious.
    Only you just have to understand them!

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